Prince Amine : A Rising Star

On his eighteenth birthday, Montreal native Prince Amine released his first album. Entitled XVIII, his age on the day of release, this album contains 8 individual tracks ranging from melodramatic guitar melodies to rhythmic beats pertaining to the R&B genre. 

Writing his own lyrics and beats, Prince Amine manages to transmit his core attributes and chilled vibe through his songs. Passionate musician ever since a youngster, his experience clearly shows as he attains thousands of followers on Spotify within weeks of releasing his album. 

His songs reflect something personal, a part of him. For example, Prince Amine highlights his description of fame and wealth in his song "Spotlight" Just look at the lyrics of the chorus 

"That Spotlight got em' like Yaya!
That money got em' like Yaya!
That fame got em' like Yaya!
All these snakes call em' cobras"

Currently a marketing student at Vanier college, Prince Amine's promoting skills are on point as he gradually generated hype with a countdown for his latest album on social media. This proved to be effective considering his astounding statistics on Spotify and Itunes.

It is worth noting that this young artist has had the prodigious opportunity to perform alongside Young M.A at Montreal's renowned Olympia a few months back. 

Mosh Market supports its local Montreal artists and we believe this young composer will excel in the music industry. 

Check out his album now on Spotify or Itunes available Worldwide


Written by Jonayed Islam