About us

Mosh Market was founded by Jonayed I. and his partners. Together, we strive to create a brand that promotes an interaction between the world of elegance and happiness. Top class designers collaborate to offer the products on this website and to offer you that confident look. We believe that what you wear is what you feel and what you communicate. We live by the term Mosh

What is the meaning of Mosh you say?

Derived from Mosh pits where concertgoers display all their energy by slamming into others who share a common interest for the music, to mosh means to interact with one another by giving away vibes of energy to maintain our human contact. We love it when people gather to celebrate a common that is why we wish for a world where all #StayMosh 

Our friendly customer service and our guarantee of satisfaction means that you will leave ecstatic and impatiently awaiting to order again

#StayMosh #LiveMosh